Python Code Tutorials

How to Detect Gender by Name using Tkinter in Python

Learn how to extract gender from first name using API and build a GUI around it with Tkinter in Python.

How to Make a Python Code Editor using Tkinter in Python

Learn how to make a simple python code editor that supports running the code and simple syntax highlighting using Tkinter in Python.

How to Make a Rich Text Editor with Tkinter in Python

Learn how to make a simple rich text editor where we can set a number of predefined styles for parts of the text via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Tkinter in Python.

Data Cleaning with Pandas in Python

Learn how you can clean your dataset in Python using pandas, like dealing with missing values, inconsistency, out of range and duplicate values.

How to Make a YouTube Video Downloader in Python

Learn how you can build a CLI and GUI YouTube video downloader using Pytube in Python.

How to Make a Language Detector in Python

Explore different libraries for detecting natural languages such as langdetect, langid, googletrans, and language-detector in Python.