Python Code Tutorials

How to Make an HTTP Proxy in Python

Learn how to use mitmproxy framework to build HTTP proxies using Python

How to Fine Tune BERT for Text Classification using Transformers in Python

Learn how to use HuggingFace transformers library to fine tune BERT and other transformer models for text classification task in Python.

Your Guide for Starting Python Coding on a MacBook

Your guide for starting learning Python with a MacBook, making sure that Mac is performing optimally, installing Python on Mac and picking the best editor for your learning journey.

How to Use Gmail API in Python

Learn how to use Gmail API to send emails, search for emails by query, delete emails, mark emails as read or unread in Python.

Assembly, Disassembly and Emulation using Python

Learn how to use Keystone engine, Capstone engine and Unicorn engine to assemble, disassemble and emulate machine code (ARM, x86-64 and more) in Python

SIFT Feature Extraction using OpenCV in Python

Learn how to compute and detect SIFT features for feature matching and more using OpenCV library in Python.

How to Use Shodan API in Python

Learn how to use Shodan API to make a script that searches for public vulnerable servers, IoT devices, power plants and much more using Python.

How to Make a Telegram Bot in Python

Learn how to use Telegram API and python-telegram-bot wrapper to build a Telegram Bot in Python.

How to Automate Login using Selenium in Python

Learn how to use Selenium library with Chrome driver in Python to login to websites automatically as well as verifying login success.

How to Apply HOG Feature Extraction in Python

Learn how to use scikit-image library to extract Histogram of Oriented Gradient (HOG) features from images in Python.