Python Code Tutorials

Dimensionality Reduction: Feature Extraction using Scikit-learn in Python

Learn how to perform different dimensionality reduction using feature extraction methods such as PCA, KernelPCA, Truncated SVD, and more using Scikit-learn library in Python.

How to Replace Text in Docx Files in Python

Learn how to replace text in Word document files (.docx) using python-docx library in Python.

How to Make a Planet Simulator with PyGame in Python

Learn how to build a planet simulator using pygame library in Python

How to Make a Typing Speed Tester with Tkinter in Python

Learn how to build a UI-based typing speed tester in Python using the built-in Tkinter library.

Dimensionality Reduction Using Feature Selection in Python

Learn how to perform dimensionality reduction with feature selection such as recursively eliminating features, handling highly correlated features, and more using Scikit-learn in Python.

How to Build an English Dictionary App with Django in Python

Learn how to build a simple dictionary application using Django web framework and PyDictionary library in Python.