Python Code Tutorials

How to Perform Malaria Cells Classification using TensorFlow 2 and Keras in Python

Learn how to build a deep learning model to classify cell images to either infected or not infected with Malaria Tensorflow 2 and Keras API in Python.

Algorithmic Trading with FXCM Broker in Python

Learn how to use the fxcmpy API in Python to perform trading operations with a demo FXCM (broker) account and learn how to do risk management using Take Profit and Stop Loss

Introduction to Finance and Technical Indicators with Python

Learn how to handle stock prices in Python, understand the candles prices format (OHLC), plotting them using candlestick charts as well as learning to use many technical indicators using stockstats library in Python.

How to Extract YouTube Comments in Python

Learn how you can monitor network traffic in the browser to write a Python script that extracts YouTube comments using requests library in Python.

How to Get Geolocation in Python

Learn how to use GeoPy library to geocode physical addresses into latitude and longitude and vice versa; getting latitude and longitude from addresses, towns, cities and more in Python.

How to Get Domain Name Information in Python

Learn how to validate domain names using WHOIS, as well as getting domain name information such as domain registrar, creation date, expiration date and more in Python.

How to Make a URL Shortener in Python

Learn how to use Bitly and Cuttly APIs to shorten long URLs programmatically using requests library in Python.

How to Use Regular Expressions in Python

Learn how to use Python's built-in re module to use several string matching techniques using functions like match, search, finditer and sub.

How to Work with JSON Files in Python

Learn how to save (serialize) and load (deserialize) JSON files in Python using the built-in json module.

Skin Cancer Detection using TensorFlow in Python

Learn how to use transfer learning to build a model that is able to classify benign and malignant (melanoma) skin diseases in Python using TensorFlow 2.