Python Code Tutorials

How to Make a Chess Game with Pygame in Python

Learn how you can build a chess game from scratch with Python classes and pygame library in Python.

How to Build a GUI Voice Recorder App in Python

Learn how to build a voice recorder GUI app using Tkinter and sounddevice libraries in Python.

How to Minify CSS with Python

Learn how to utilize cssutils library to minimize CSS files in a web project in Python.

Why you Should Upgrade to Python 3.11

Explore why Python is one of the best programming languages and discover the main reasons to upgrade your Python version to 3.11

How to Build an Email Address Verifier App using Django in Python

Learn how to build a web-based application in Django that verifies email addresses using email-validator in Python.

How to Write a Python Programming Scholarship Essay

A set of practical tips to write a Python programming scholarship essay.

How to Make a Todo App using Django in Python

Learn how you can build a simple Todo application using the Django framework, crispy forms and Bootstrap in Python;

Top Python Frameworks For Web Development

Discover several Python frameworks for web development, such as Django, Flask, Bottle, CherryPy and more.

How to Make a Blog using Django in Python

Learn how to build a simple blog from scratch using the Django framework and Bootstrap styling in Python.

How to Create an Alarm Clock App using Tkinter in Python

Learn how to build a simple alarm clock app using tkinter and playsound libraries in Python.

Teach your Kids to Build Their Own Game with Python

Tips & guides for teaching your kids how to develop their own game with the help of Python.

How to Make a YouTube Audio Downloader in Python

Learn how to build a GUI app that downloads audio (MP3) files from YouTube videos using Pytube and Tkinter libraries in Python.

How to Build an Authentication System in Django

Learn how you can build a simple authentication system (sign up, login, and logout) using the Django framework and Bootstrap in Python.

How to Make an Age Calculator in Python

Learn how you to build an age calculator that calculates your age based on your birthday using Tkinter and datetime library in Python.