Python Code Tutorials

Speech Recognition using Transformers in Python

Learn how to perform automatic speech recognition (ASR) using wav2vec2 transformer with the help of Huggingface transformers library in Python

How to Extract Saved WiFi Passwords in Python

Learn how you can extract Wi-Fi passwords that are saved in your machine (either Windows or Linux) using Python without installing any third-party library.

How to Organize Files by Extension in Python

Learn how to separate your files by extension in your target folder using Python's built-in libraries.

Machine Translation using Transformers in Python

Learn how to use Huggingface transformer models to perform machine translation on various languages using transformers and PyTorch libraries in Python.

How to Extract Video Metadata in Python

Learn how to extract video or audio file metadata in Python with the help of ffmpeg framework and its ffmpeg-python wrapper.

How to Reverse Videos in Python

Learn how to reverse videos by extracting frames and loading them in the inverted order using MoviePy library in Python.

How to Train BERT from Scratch using Transformers in Python

Learn how you can pretrain BERT and other transformers on the Masked Language Modeling (MLM) task on your custom dataset using Huggingface Transformers library in Python

How to Extract PDF Metadata in Python

Learn how to use pikepdf library to extract useful information from PDF files in Python.

How to Extract Frames from Video in Python

Making two different methods to extract frames from videos with the timestamp with OpenCV or MoviePy libraries in Python.

How to Concatenate Audio Files in Python

Explore different methods to join two or more audio files using either MoviePy, wave and PyDub libraries in Python.