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Meet the Authors


I'm a self-taught Python programmer, passionate about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and anything else that involves data, I'm also enthused in cyber security and web scraping.

My real name is Abdeladim, where Abdou is the short version, and Rockikz is my pseudonym, you can call me Abdou =)

I've been programming for more than 5 years, I learned Python and I guess I'm stuck here forever. I founded this free educational site to share my humble knowledge and progress in learning and anything that I find interesting in Python.

If you have any inquiry, don't hesitate to contact me here.


I'm Sofiane OUAARI, a Developer at AMNIS Financial Technology Start-up. Interested and Curious in Data Science/Analysis and building Machine/Deep Learning around them. I am also a Co-Organizer at Google Developers Group Constantine in Algeria.


My name is Ahmed Waheed. A person with ideas, who is committed to learn and develop new things, and a team player. Python is my first programming language. I have a wide range of experience with image processing, data science tools, and libraries. I love to write.


I am Redouane NIBOUCHA, a computer science and engineering student, interested in cybersecurity, CTF player at Sudo_root, Ruby/Python/Lua programmer.


Bassem Marji is a project implementation manager at BLOM Bank with a proven track record of success.
He managed the implementation of over 50 projects and propelled the digital transformation of mission critical applications.
He spends his free time discovering the latest technology trends in the IT field.