Maxim Maeder

My name is Maxim Mäder, I am a young programming enthusiast looking to have fun coding and teaching you some things about programming.

I Master several programming languages like Python, PHP and JavaScript I also know how to make websites with HTML and CSS. Sometimes I even try to make games with the Godot Game Engine. But I always return to my first language Python, and that is why I love making tutorials about them. I hope you learn something from my tutorials and have as much fun as I do!

Maxim Maeder's Featured Articles

How to Make a Password Generator in Python

Learn how to make a password generator in Python with the ability to choose the length of each character type using the built-in random, string and argparse modules.

How to Make a Drawing Program in Python

Learn how to make a simple drawing tool with brush color and size changing feature using PyGame library in Python.

How to Make Buttons in PyGame

Learn how to make buttons in PyGame that support pressed calling (multi pressing) and one-shot pressing in Python.

How to Replace Text in Docx Files in Python

Learn how to replace text in Word document files (.docx) using python-docx library in Python.

How to Make a Simple Math Quiz Game in Python

Learn how to make a simple math quiz game in Python utilizing the PyInputPlus module to verify the user input.

How to Make a File Explorer using Tkinter in Python

Learn how to make a simple file explorer that is able to navigate through folders, create folders and files and more using Tkinter in Python.