Bassem Marji's Featured Articles

Webhooks in Python with Flask

Learn how to create a streaming application with real-time charting by consuming webhooks with the help of Flask, Redis, SocketIO and other libraries in Python.

How to Extract Text from Images in PDF Files with Python

Learn how to leverage tesseract, OpenCV, PyMuPDF and many other libraries to extract text from images in PDF files with Python

How to Create a Watchdog in Python

Learn how to monitor and watch your file system for events by creating a watchdog in Python with watchdog and pygtail libraries.

How to Convert PDF to Docx in Python

Learn how you can use pdf2docx library to convert PDF files to docx word files in Python

How to Compress PDF Files in Python

Learn how to compress PDF files in Python using the wrapper of PDFTron SDK.

Asynchronous Tasks with Celery in Python

Learn how to leverage Celery library, Redis database and SocketIO library to build synchronous and asynchronous tasks with Flask in Python.